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"Christ is Alive!  Let Christians sing.

His Cross stands empty to the sky.

Let streets and home with praises ring.

In death his love shall never die."

--Christ is Alive! Lutheran Book of Worship #363

75th Anniversary and Memorial

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Church is open beginning Saturday, June 20 - 5:00 pm and

Sunday, June 21 - 9:30 am.  

Please join us for in church worship!!  We have strict guidleines we are following to maintain social distancing.  Everyone is required to wear a face mask over the age of 2 yrs.  If you are unable to join us because of health issues, please know that online worship will continue with  Service of the Word as we have been doing all along.  Check your emails, or you can look for it on YouTube, Facebook or on this page.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Once again, we will journey the Lenten road together with the observance of Ash Wednesday, Feb. 26th where we again remember that we are dust and it is to dust we shall return, with the imposition of ashes - the sign of the cross - we are humbled.

So, for five weeks, we will travel with Jesus toward Jerusalem and Holy Week - an opportunity to reflect on our life and faith. To take a little glimpse and to remember we are not always the people God calls us to be and repent - turn unto God and receive His forgiveness, especially in the words of absolution and His Holy meal, “Given and shed for you for the forgiveness of our sins - our brokenness”.

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Message and prayer from Pastor Klose

March 18, 2020

Worship Service Videos and Bulletins

March 22,2020

Lent 4 Worship

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March 29, 2020 Lent 5 Worship with Pastor Klose

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Palm Sunday Worship


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Maundy Thursday

Worship with

Pastor Klose

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Maundy Thurs.



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Good Friday Service

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Easter Service 2020

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Easter 2 Worship With

Pastor Klose

Easter 2 2020 Bulletin


Easter 3 worship with

Pastor Klose

Easter 3 2020

Easter 3 Celebrate


Easter 4 Worship with Pastor Klose

Easter 4 2020 Bulletin

Easter 3 celebrate

Easter 5 - May 10th worship video with Pastor Klose

Easter5 Worship Bulletin

Celebrate Easter 5

Worship 6 with Pastor Klose                                                              

Easter 6 Worship Bulletin

Celebrate Easter 6

Easter 7 Worship with Pastor Klose

Easter7 2020 Bulletin

Easter 7 Celebrate

Pentecost Worship 2020 with Pastor Klose

Pentecost 2020 Bulletin

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Holy Trinity Worship with Pastor Klose

Holy Trinity Bulletin 2020

Holy Trinity Celebrate

Pentecost 3 Worsip with Pastor Klose

Pentecost 2 2020 Bulletin

Pentecost 2 2020 Celebrate


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Classes are postponed for now.  1st Communion service is also postponed. 

We will hopefuly have it in the early fall.  More info will follow.