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"Christ is Alive!  Let Christians sing.

His Cross stands empty to the sky.

Let streets and home with praises ring.

In death his love shall never die."

--Christ is Alive! Lutheran Book of Worship #363

75th Anniversary and Memorial

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Pastor’s Letter Advent/Christmas

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

“Christ has died, Christ is Risen!
And Christ will come again!.

This is our confession each holy day and celebration of the Eucharist.

As we move from Christ the King to Advent, we read the Gospel of our Lord’s Crucifixion, on the Cross, the throne from which the Lord rules in love, from where he is risen, from the end to the beginning, a hinge, if you will, once we turn to a new year and a new page in our life’s journey, Christ will come again!

Advent! A time in church we remember Christ loving in the past as we prepare for Christmas. God’s coming and make his home with us, Emmanuel God with us, he coming to us in bread and wine in the holy meal and his promise that he will come again! Get ready! Prepare the way of the Lord. Advent is a time of preparation. Yes, for Christmas, but let us also prepare room in our hearts for Christ to come and enter in. His manger is our hearts!



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Vacation holidays are great!! We all need to get away to relax, rest, and
renew our energies and creativity. Also, remember that the work of the church
does not stop because we go on vacation. Your prayers and offerings make our
ministry possible. Now that vacations are over, why not catch-up on your giving
knowing that the work of the Lord through our congregation continued undiminished.
You'll be glad you did!!















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Sunday, January 26th

7:00 pm

at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Join us and St. William the Abbot, Maria Regina and United Methodist churches as we gather to worship together for Christian Unity.  Fellowship and refreshments will follow.