Pastor Ronald Klose of Our Redeemer

Pastor’s Letter Advent/Christmas

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Christ has died, Christ is Risen
Christ will come again,
and again, and again.

So, we move now into the Advent/Christmas part of the church new year focusing on thoughts, prayers, worship on the coming of Christ. We remember the mighty acts of God; The incarnation, God coming to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Advent is a time when we remember that. Yes, Christ came to us in the past at the first Christmas and let’s not forget that He promised to come to us in the future and that He comes to us in the bread and wine of holy communion now, here, today - again and again.

We will watch for His coming, we will prepare our lives for His coming, we will rejoice in His coming and we will behold His coming in the word proclaimed and the meal shared each Sunday in Advent and Christmas celebration.

I look forward to greeting you all at the Lord’s table. If you have been away, return to the Lord God for He is gracious. Come home and share in the celebration. Our Redeemer is your home and God in Christ makes its home right in our midst.

Christ has died, Christ is Risen,
and Christ will come again.

A blessed Holy Season to you all!

In Christ,

The Rev. Ronald M. Klose, Pastor











Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
Seaford, Long Island, New York